Web Science

Extra occupational Master Programme

Admission Requirements

For admission to the Master’s programme Web Science (M. Sc.), the applicant is required to have successfully completed her/his Bachelor studies in related disciplines, e.g. computer science, business administration, design, law, psychology, or social science. For graduates in disciplines other than computer science, the programme board will decide on the approval.

In addition, applicants have to provide documentation about professional employment of at least one year after graduation (Bachelor’s programme) in a web related field.

English Proficiency

For non-native speakers, proficiency in English is expected but not formally required (i.e., you do not need to submit a certificate). As a guideline, the following levels are expected:

  • TOEFL with at least 550 points on the paper-based test, 213 points on the computer-based test or 80 points on the internet- based test.
  • IELTS with 6.5 points.
  • alternative language test with a test score equivalent to those of TOEFL or IELTS.

Student Visa

Please notice, the Web Science programme does not fulfil the requirements for a study to which a residence permit according to § 16 (1) of the Residence act is granted. A “visa for the purpose of study” requires that the study must be the main purpose of the stay. We have been informed by embassies that these requirements are not sufficiently met if only an evening, weekend, or distance study is planned. The Web Science programme consists mainly of online and only two on-site sessions per term. Therefore it is advisable to apply for a visitor visa to attend the on-site weekends.