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Extra occupational Master Programme

Value Sensitive Design Methods

07 Feb 2019 | Gerhard Hartmann

During the onsite weekend we applied Value Sensitive Design Methods in the Design Methodology Course to take advantage of the face-to-face situation. The initial situation was the following: The participants of that class had worked on the very same design problem during the entire semester and had already developed design solutions in two independent teams. […]

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The Great Hack ;-)

24 Jan 2019 | Stefan Karsch

Perhaps you heard about the Hacking Attack on German politicians and VIPs at the beginning of this year: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/hacker-politiker-leaks-1.4274515 Some of the politicians went so far to state an “Attack on Democracy” https://www.br.de/nachrichten/deutschland-welt/hackerangriff-die-betroffenen-und-die-reaktionen,RECfUR7 In FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) the spokeswomen of German CCC (Chaos Computer Club) Constanze Kurz offers a more fact-based view on the […]

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Master Thesis: E-commerce in Transition

11 Jul 2018 | Jan Karpe

Web Science graduate Samuel Weihrauch actually wanted to teach mathematics and economics after his state examination as a teacher. But things turned out differently. Already during his studies he founded his first online trading company together with a good friend. “Our e-commerce business then developed very well, so we continued pursuing it,” explains Samuel Weihrauch, […]

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Web Trust

08 May 2018 | Benjamin Krumnow

by R. Butz and B. Krumnow Starting in the early 1990s, cryptographers tried to develop ways in order to realise the concept of “money” in electronic form. David Chaum developed one of the first electronic currencies called ecash, which aimed to keep its users anonymous [1, 2]. The anonymity was achieved with blind signatures. These […]

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Master Thesis: Designing Worth in a Connected World: A Conceptual Approach for Participatory Design with a Focus on Values

21 Nov 2017 | Christiane Grünloh

Georg Schröder recently submitted and successfully presented his Master thesis “Designing Worth in a Connected World”, which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hartmann and Christiane Grünloh. We asked him to provide a short summary of his thesis for our blog:   Designing Worth in a Connected World: A Conceptual Approach for Participatory Design with […]

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Learning about Research through Podcasts

02 Nov 2017 | Christiane Grünloh

Research methods: There is so much to love about them, for example that they can guide you in a systematic way to find an answer to your research question. As a master student, it can however be pretty frustrating. For example, when your lecturer asks you to come up with a research design for a problem […]

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Master Thesis: Determinants and Success Factors that Influence the User Adoption of Mobile Payments in Germany

04 Sep 2017 | Christiane Grünloh

Adeteju Enunwa recently submitted and successfully presented her Master thesis about the determinants and success factors that influence user adoption of mobile payments in Germany. We asked her to provide a short summary of her thesis for our blog:   Determinants & Success Factors that Influence the User Adoption of Mobile Payments in Germany By […]

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Web Science Graduate receives Opitz Innovation Award

11 Jul 2017 | Christiane Grünloh

Web Science Graduate Cagdas Cumhur Ünlüer received the first price of the Opitz Innovation Award for his Master Thesis “Characteristics for intelligent food packages and Internet of Things solutions based on conditions for food waste in Germany”. In his Thesis Cagdas Cumhur Ünlüer designed an IoT approach for a reduction of food waste. The general […]

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Getting your Master of Science without quitting your job!

07 Jun 2017 | Christiane Grünloh

Did you ever think about getting back to University to earn your Master of Science? Lifelong learning is essential, especially in a world that is constantly changing. Then some questions might come up: But what about my job? Where would I live and how would I be able to pay for this? Okay, there may be […]

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Social Media Seminar with Challenging Topics

17 May 2017 | Kristian Fischer

The Masters programme „Web Science“ at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln) covers in this year’s Advanced Seminar (https://webscience.th-koeln.de/smwiki/index.php?title=Advanced_Seminar) a broad and challenging spectrum of topics: Social Media are kind of an umbrella for more detailed coverage of aspects like user behaviour, governance, security, and privacy. Great research contributions could be discovered at conferences […]

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