Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Master Programme



There are two different application processes. If you have German nationality or a degree from a German university, you can apply directly via the TH Köln online application platform. Otherwise, please apply via uni-assist. The deadlines vary for the two systems:

Applicants from Germany / with a German degree:
summer term: 15 January
winter term: (15 July); extended: 15 August 2017

International applicants
summer term: 30  October (uni-assist)
winter term: 30 April (uni-assist)

Each semester starts with an on-site weekend in Cologne. The scheduled on-site weekends are listed here.

Applicants with a degree
from a German university or with German nationality

For non-native speakers, proficiency in English is expected but not formally required.

Applicants with a degree from a German university or with German nationality can apply directly via the TH Köln online application platform.

Application Deadlines

  • Summer term: 15 January
  • Winter term: (15 July); extended: 15 August 2017

International applicants with foreign certificates

International applicants with foreign certificates have to register online with uni-assist and mail your completed documents to uni-assist in Berlin. Detailed information on this process is available here.

Some general information regarding admission requirements and the application process can be found on the website of the international office.

Please also take a look at the application process of uni-assist (outlined step-by-step). This is very important, since otherwise some important steps might be forgotten and will then hinder the application process. uni-assist will check the application documents and will also convert foreign grades into their German equivalents. Applications of suitable candidates will then be passed on to us.

Please note that although the application takes place online, you also have to send certified hard copies of your documents and pay the uni-assist service fee for your application to be processed. In case the documents are not in German or English they have to be translated by an official authority.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Informal application letter
  • uni-assist application form
  • Graduation certificate (certified copy)
  • Transcript of records (certified copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae (in tabular form)
  • Copy of passport (page with photo and personal data)
  • Certificate of payment of uni-assist fees
  • Certificate of employment in a web related field, documenting at least one year’s employment after graduation (mentioning this in your CV is not sufficient!)

Application Deadlines

  • Summer term: 30 October (uni-assist)
  • Winter term: 30 April (uni-assist)

As soon as the information has been exported to us by uni-assist, applicants will automatically receive the access data to the  TH Köln online application platform. The platform can be used to inquire about the status of the application / enrolment and download for example certificate of registration.

Information regarding “Student Visa”

Please notice, the Web Science programme does not fulfil the requirements for a study to which a residence permit according to § 16 (1) of the Residence act is granted. A “visa for the purpose of study” requires that the study must be the main purpose of the stay. We have been informed by embassies that these requirements are not sufficiently met if only an evening, weekend, or distance study is planned. The Web Science programme consists mainly of online and only two on-site sessions per term. Therefore it is advisable to apply for a visitor visa to attend the on-site weekends.