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About this page

This page is dedicated for helping students learning and using the document markup language LaTeX.

Get started with LaTeX

There are a lot of installation guides and help websites online, for example:


Online Collaboration Tool for LaTeX

Templates for the Web Science Programme

Master Thesis

This template works when run locally; unfortunately when uploaded on Overleaf, it produces errors. If you want to use Overleaf for your master thesis, feel free to use the TH Köln template from the Media Informatics programme, which is almost the same as the Web Science template:

  • TH Köln - Media Informatics Master Thesis Template in Overleaf

Seminar Paper and others

Introduction Session

Tipps & Tricks

  • Using .eps files for images leads to an error when using the Miktex-distribution under Windows. This error can be solved by including the package EPSTOPDF. Command is /usepackage{epstopdf}