Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Master Programme



The programme has a duration of 5 semesters, which contain the following modules (the links lead to the Web Science Wiki, where you find the module descriptions):

The instructional philosophy emphasizes project management competencies through projects in nearly every phase of the programme and scientific and communicational competencies through seminal work.

Study Course Plan

The course plan is outlined on the left (please click to enlarge). Students will attend two modules, starting with Foundations & Principles II (FP II) and Web & Society (WS) or Foundations & Principles I (FP I) and Design (D), which depends on whether you begin your studies in winter or summer term.

If you start for example in summer term, your study plan will look like this:

  1. FP II, WS
  2. FP I, D
  3. WPD, DM
  4. WC, WTS
  5. Thesis

You may notice, that the modules are always carried out in two academic years. We hereby hope to increase collaboration among students beyond term borders.