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Master Programme




The term “Web Science” was coined by Tim Berners Lee at the beginning of this millennium. It refers to the necessity of a paradigm change from “Computer Science” to a more interdisciplinary approach and of focusing on the possibilities of the “Web” as the interconnection of people, services and systems.

The term “Web” nowadays refers to the interconnection of people, services and systems (e.g. technical, economical, social, cultural). “Web Science” deals with phenomena in and of the Web and uses knowledge, concepts and methods from corresponding disciplines and perspectives (informatics, economics, business administration, law, design, social sciences etc.). Therefore the course of studies in Web Science comprises all these perspectives.

Web Scientists manage web projects and are capable of embracing a holistic, out of the box perspective on web phenomena.

Graduates of this programme will work in a range of companies, scientific or public institutions and manage projects that are concerned with the web.

Further details concerning Web Science may be found at the Web Science Trust Site.