Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Master Programme



Prof. Dr. Kristian Fischer

My name is Kristian Fischer. Currently, I am teaching in the areas Web Architectures, Semantic Web, and Cooperation Systems. In addition I am engaged in the research project Business Transactions in mobile Environments. Prior to joining the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, I have been a software architect and project manager at IBM. I earned my doctoral degree in informatics through work in the area of massive parallel computation from the University of Passau in 1986.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hartmann

I’m a full professor of informatics at the Cologne University of Applied Science (CUAS) and my lectures are about Human-Centered Design of Interactive Systems, Digital Media and all kind of measuring tasks (e.g. Web Analytics, Measuring User Experience and Usability Evaluation). My research is based in the research project Software Quality, particularly in Interaction Design.

Before joining the Cologne University of Applied Science I was a R&D staff member in the electronic industry (software engineering).

I hold a german Diplom in Theoretical Physics, a M.A. in Musicology and a Ph.D. from Cologne University.

Prof. Dr. Jan Karpe

I studied Economics and Business Administration at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and obtained the degree of Doctor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster. Since 2002 I am full professor of business informatics (combined studies) at the Cologne University of Applied Science (CUAS).

While I taught a wide range of economic and informatic topics in my courses, modern management issues – like Social Media Management – are the focus of my teaching and research activites.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Karsch

As a full professor of informatics at Cologne University of Applied Science (CUAS), I teach in the areas of IT Security, Security Management, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture.

I studied informatics at RWTH Aachen where I also obtained my doctoral degree in 1996. Until 2001, I worked as an IT Security Consultant and Project Manager at debis IT Security Services (later merged with T-Systems). Customer projects dealt with risk analysis, technical/organizational security concepts and penetration testing of firewalls and applications.

Prof. Uwe Stoklossa

My name is Uwe Stoklossa. Since I graduated in Communication Design 2004, I worked continuously in research and education at the Folkwang University of the Arts in the field of Integrated Communication Design. In addition I am working as a Project Manager in a Design Studio with the focus on developing strategies and concepts for companies and brands. Besides I am author of the book “Advertising: New Techniques for Visual Seduction”.

Within the Web Science Master’s programme I am teaching “Design Basics”, where I want to sharpen the awareness for the importance and difference that a Design-process can make in any project. With a view to Web Science my interest is to research which Design Basics can be transferred one-to-one from offline to online communication and which Design Basics have to be generated for the near and remote online future.

I am also the Module Representative for Design in Web Science.



Christiane Grünloh

I am a research assistant at TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. After years of professional employment as a trained medical assistant at a Urologist in Meppen, I studied Media Informatics at TH Köln (Bachelor and Master).

Besides working as a research assistant at TH Köln, I am also a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction at KTH Royal Instiute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. My research focuses on values and user experiences in healthcare. I am particularly interested in values and experiences related to eHealth services that enable people to access their electronic health records.

I am a member of the DOME consortium (Deployment of Online Medical Records and E-Health Services), which is a collaboration of researchers from six universities in Sweden. I am also part of the research project DISA (Digitalisation and the Effect on the Work Environment of Nurses).

Prof. Dr. Mario Winter


Hi, I’m Mario Winter, since 2002 professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Science of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), and a founding member of its Software Quality research group. Up to 1994 I was leading industrial and scientific software projects, and from 1994 to 2002 I was research fellow at the University of Hagen, where I prepared my Phd thesis on quality assurance for object-oriented software.

My teaching and research focus is on software development, software quality, and project management, especially on the model-based development and quality assurance of software. In the WebScience Master’s programme I am teaching “Quality Management for the Web”. There you can learn to identify the primary needs for and the implementatio of quality management for the development of web-based systems.

Tim Schneider

My name is Tim Schneider and I’m one of the Co-founders and Managing Directors of Railslove, a team of hackers & thinkers from Cologne. As a full-stack developer together with our team I help web companies all across Europe to establish their businesses on the web. A strong focus of my work is the promotion of in-depth concept work, e.g. user experience and interaction design, as on-going and crucial part of web development processes.
Just like a few more of our team members, I hold a Master of Science in Media Informatics from Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Within the Web Science programme I am teaching the course “Privacy”, which has been a key research topic to me ever since I’ve started working with the web in a professional manner. Therefore both my Bachelor and Master Thesis feature discussions on today’s web privacy.

Stephan Pavlovic

My name is Stephan Pavlovic  and I’m a a web developer at the cologne based web agency Railslove. I specialized in frontend development and ux concepts, working mostly for clients in the european startup scene.

With a master degree in media informatics and an academic focus on semantic web technologies I’m lecturing courses about next generation web technologies at the university of applied science cologne.

Besides coding and teaching I advise several early state startups in there technological progress.

Prof. Dr. Christian Kohls

“Moin”, I am professor for computer science and socio-technical systems at the TH Köln. I am currently teaching courses in the areas of object-oriented programming, programming paradigms, computer ethics, and media & society. My research focusses on design patterns, e-learning, and digital tools for creative thinking.

After studying media informatics at the FH Wedel I started a small software and consulting company that developed tools for e-learning and interactive graphics. I also worked as a researcher in the project at the Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen. Before I joined the TH Köln I was working for SMART Technologies and developed interactive content for schools globally. I got my PhD at the KU Eichstätt, the subject of the thesis was on e-learning patterns. I am deeply engaged with the pattern community with active roles at pattern conferences all over the world.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Silvio Barta

I’m Silvio Barta, lecturer for “Designing for the Web”. With my background in industrial design (I hold a German Diplom in Architecture and Design from the Fine Arts Academy in Stuttgart), I have a different approach to Interface and Interaction Design: starting with the user in a real-world environment, the complete user experience is my foundation for specific solutions in the digital environment.
My professional work focuses on scientific visualisations, simulations and 3D CGI as well as the “classic” disciplines in media and communication design, such as corporate and screen design.

Dr. Thomas Pinegger


My name is Thomas Pinegger. Currently I am working as Technical Strategist in the Network, IT and Innovations department at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, the former incumbent telecommunications operator of Switzerland. My course Characterizing Future User Behavior on the Web is based on practical work at Swisscom in the field of strategy development.

Before joining Swisscom (Schweiz) AG I worked as Management Consultant, Programme Manager and Lead Architect for a large system integrator and the IT subsidiary of Swisscom. I studied computer science at Technische Universität München and received my Ph.D. degree from the University of Passau. During vocational courses I became alumni of Harvard Business School.


Benjamin Krumnow

My name is Benjamin Krumnow. I am a research assistant at the Lab for Communication Technologies and Data Security at TH Köln. In 2013, I finished my Master’s degree at  TH Köln in Media Informatics, while I also have been working as research assistant and software developer. After that, I left Germany for one year to travel around.

Since I am back, I have been working on my doctoral study. My research mainly addresses methods to deal with the ongoing disclosure of personal information with the perspective of privacy protection.

I have been teaching within the Web Science programme since 2014. My courses are Web Trust and Risks and Opportunities of Social Media Data.

Raphaela Butz

Hello, my name is Raphaela Butz. I’m a research assistant in the Lab for Communication Technology and Data Security at TH Köln. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Media and Computer Science from the University of Media in Stuttgart. For my Master Degree I transferred to the TH Köln, where I’m currently employed. My main task is supporting the quality of teaching in Theoretical Computer Science, Communication Technology and IT-Security. For that I’m mostly planning and holding practices and supervising students. Additionally, I’m working on my PhD in collaboration with oncologists, the Open University Netherlands and the cancer registry Nordrhein-Westfalen. The topic of my PhD is the creating a Decision Support System which shall aid oncologist in their decision towards a treatment.

Oguzhan Cansever

I am a UX Architect at an IT vendor in Cologne where I deal with different phases of creating digital experiences. I have specialized in market strategy and user experience design by working in digital transformation projects. I currently assist enterprise startups in terms of realizing digital products by adopting lean and agile methodologies.

Formerly I worked as front-end developer in various international web projects. Experimenting on new interaction design patterns is my favourite free time activity.

I have studied Web Science at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, and Information Technology at the University of Wuppertal.

Dr. Jan Dirk Kemming

My name is Jan Dirk Kemming, Chief Creative Officer at Weber Shandwick Germany and Europe, where I am also responsible for the agency’s digital offering in strategy, analytics, planning, creation, content management, development and distribution.

I earned my PhD for research on nation branding at Gießen University, other degrees are a M.Sc. in business administration with a marketing focus from Bilkent University in Ankara and a teacher state exam for German Linguistics and Social Sciences from Münster University.


Randolf Skerka

Information security is my passion. I studied informatics at TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld and finished my studies in 1997. Until 2000, I worked as an IT Security Consultant and Project Manager at debis IT Security Services (later merged with T-Systems). In this time I focussed on technical security (penetration testing of firewalls and applications, security concepts). After working at debis, I focussed on non-technical aspects of information security. I was one of the first BS 7799 Lead Auditors in Germany. Until now, strategic information security consulting and auditing management-systems are my main focusses.

Dr. Wolter Pieters

My name is Wolter Pieters, and I am a postdoctoral researcher in information security at the University of Twente. I studied computer science and philosophy of science, technology and society at the same university. My PhD research at the Radboud University Nijmegen resulted in the interdisciplinary thesis “La volonté machinale: understanding the electronic voting controversy”. After my PhD I advised the Dutch Ministry of the Interior on electronic voting and electronic travel documents. Since September 2008 I am employed as a postdoc researcher in the VISPER project at the University of Twente. The project concentrates on de-perimeterisation, the disappearing of traditional boundaries in information security. I published on electronic voting, verification of security properties, access control, cloud computing, and philosophy and ethics of information security.

Prof. Dr. Martin Wolpers

I am visiting professor for “multimedia modelling and programming” at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Furthermore, I am leading the department Context and Attention in Personalized Learning Environments (CAPLE)” at the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Information Technology FIT in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Our research focus lies on the improvement of the learning experience through the use of information on context and attention of the learner and the teacher. We use research results from cognitive science as well as from data and process mining, data bases and network-infrastructures. Quite important in this context is the collaboration among learners and teachers, usually manifested through web 2.0 and social web technologies.

Dr. William Sen

I am the founder of the infospeed company, where we do Social Media Monitoring. I am also a board member at the Institution for e-Management (IfeM e. V.), the founder of the Social Media Verlag (publishing), and the chief editor of the “Social Media Magazin”. At the moment, I work as a lecturer for two other universities: Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and at the ZWW of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. I have been working as a lecturer since 2006.

I have studied Information Sciences at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Information Economies at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, and International Business at the University of California, Berkeley. I love Business Administration, and I am an expert in processing of unstructured data. My field of research at the moment is Social Media Measurement (KPIs).